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At Verdimed we care about the environment and the health of our customers, which is why we are increasingly focused on the production of organic products. This type of production offers us natural quality options, they are very nutritious and their flavour is more powerful, respecting the environment as much as possible, as no chemical substances have been used in these vegetables and the land is respected as much as possible, giving it the necessary care for its maximum exploitation without destroying its natural characteristics.

From our company we seek to guarantee the highest quality to the consumer, and to be sustainable with nature. Organic products reduce pollution, promote biodiversity and contribute to rural development.

In our selection of organic products, we have organic broccoli, organic cauliflower, organic little gem lettuce, organic spinach, organic kale, organic pointed cabbage and organic celery. All these leafy vegetables are very healthy, help to improve our organism and have the extra bonus of being organic products grown without pesticides or fertilisers, so they keep their powerful flavour and all their qualities intact.

Benefits of organic products

  1. Organic products are better for your health. Organic vegetables do not contain preservatives or additives of chemical origin. During their cultivation, no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or synthetic chemical products are used, only natural means and organic fertilisers.
  2. The way they are grown is more sustainable. Organic vegetable crops make efficient use of natural resources and promote biodiversity. By not using chemical substances, this type of food avoids polluting the air, soil and water. Thus, their production limits the waste that is dumped on the land, does not pollute groundwater or soil, and the energy savings are greater than those of other conventional crops. In addition, the use of more environmentally friendly techniques leads to an increase in the biological activity of the soil.
  3. Organic products contain more nutrients and vitamins. Organic vegetables contain 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively produced conventional foods. In our company, Verdimed, we seek to guarantee the maximum quality of our products, that is why we want to continue improving and promoting the authentic taste of our vegetables.
  4. Development in rural areas is enhanced. Organic farming is a more artisanal type of farming that requires more work. This has a positive impact on the rural areas where organic fruit and vegetables are grown, through job creation. In our region, the region of Murcia, there are many families who make a living from agriculture and strive to offer the best products of our land.
  5. In this type of organic production, organic fertilisers composed of plant remains or animal manure and other techniques that promote the natural fertilisation of the soil are used; and pest and disease control is carried out in the first place by using crops that are adapted to the cultivation area, favouring the development of natural enemies, physical methods and ultimately the use of substances of natural origin.