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We operate in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment and our surroundings

We protect the environment

Verdimed S.A. is a company committed to the environment and for this reason we implement sustainable development criteria in the execution of our activity, which guarantees the correct management of the resources and the protection of our surroundings. To this end, we have been working on the sensitization and on raising the awareness of our team every day and at every moment.

Our commitment is strengthened in each work area by using natural resources and water in a proper and efficient manner. We optimise the use of the raw materials we need and encourage waste reduction, reuse and recycling practices.

Verdimed’s environmental sustainability policy

Pursuant to our policy, we perform all our business activities in an environmentally friendly manner. To this end, we constantly improve our environmental practices. A good example of this is the measures we have implemented in order to prevent pollution and minimise our impact.

We have also conducted several studies to improve the design phase of new facilities, processes and products that we use in our daily activities. In short, Verdimed is constantly evolving to adapt all its policies and production processes. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to complying with the recommended or mandatory requirements.

We normally try to promote the adequate management of material and energy resources, which results in a lower impact every day. We also reduce, as much as possible, our atmospheric emissions, waste and discharges generated while performing our different activities.


What do we do at an internal and external level? 

Externally, we work with our suppliers to try to improve their environmental actions, because they are direct partners and therefore we include them as public in our surroundings.

Internally, we have implemented plans to qualify and raise awareness in our team regarding the environment, both inside and outside the company. To this end, we organise activities to train our employees and to disseminate the measures adopted by the company. We provide theory and practice training that all employees can put into practice in their activities, regardless of their work area.

Some training activities can be implemented in our everyday personal life outside the company. In this manner, we all do our bit to be more environmentally friendly.

Among our latest actions in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals are:

  • Substituting conventional plastic mulchfor organic mulch: at Verdimed, we have been progressively substituting the plastic mulch we use in our crops for organic mulch, so that we can reduce the risk of a negative impact on the environment where we produce.
  • Reducing the use of nitrogenous fertilisers.
  • Reducing single use plasticin the final product.
  • Promoting recyclingin all sectors of the company.
  • Creating green corridors and recovering native varietieswith the purpose of promoting biodiversity and preserving the landscape. In our plantations, we grow organic crops and forests of native trees.
  • Using efficient irrigation systems and management tools for an optimal use of water.